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We sell aerial dance circus lyra trapeze Cyr wheels, and more!

How do I know what is the right size wheel for me?

Important question! Things to consider: will you be barefoot or wearing shoes when you perform/practice in your wheel? As a standard, we custom make the wheels exactly to your height plus 3". Most everyone prefers this measurement. However, some prefer a variance from the standard for different reasons. Smaller wheels spin faster, work better for smaller spaces, and make "no hand" tricks easier than lager wheels. Larger wheels are more graceful and there is more room for suspensions. Think of your wheel as a dance partner- you are dancing together and you will adjust to what your partner allows. If you are just beginning, we suggest the standard measurement or an inch smaller if you want a faster wheel. 

How are your wheels made?

We use 1.5" 11 gauge aluminum tubing with solid alumiinum inserts. We bend the inserts to the exact curve of the tubing to give a smooth connection at the joints (many wheel builders use straight short inserts which we feel aren't as strong or congruent). One side of the tubing is bolted with semi-permanent Loctite- you shouldn't need to undue these bolts, but if you do it is possible. Our bolts sit flush with the PVC sheath. We find this method makes for a stronger connection, makes assembly easier, and overall has a cleaner look. Each piece is coded for easy assembly.

The PVC has a 3/16" wall thickness that is suitable for both outdoor/indoor use. We are the only company that we know of that will replace the sheathing (one time) free of charge! All you will need to pay for is the cost of materials and shipping (you are welcome to use our shipping company which will save you money). Some people prefer to have a thinner walled PVC sheath-- especially if only using indoors (while it cuts down on the weight, it also wears faster). We will work with you to make exactly what you want, but the manufacturing turn around time will be longer depending on if we have the materials in.  We always have the standard 3/16" tubing in stock.  

How long will it take me to learn? 

Not surprisingly, we get asked this question a lot. It really depends on how much you practice. As with any new skill, there is always a learning curve. If you can find someone in your area to take a few lessons from in the beginning, we highly recommend it! It will inevitably speed up some the early techniques that are required to maintain momentum. There are also groups popping up all over (or start your own!) where people are learning together. There are also many YouTube videos out now that can help guide you in the early days (check out some of Sam Tribble's videos- he is an excellent teacher). 
If you aren't use to spinning and feel any nausea, chew on some ginger candy. Ginger will help a lot with any feelings of an upset stomach. You may not encounter this at all (most don't), but if you do ginger is a fantastic remedy. 

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