Coggs Circus: Aerial Lyra Cyr Wheel Aerial Rig

Circus is the New Yoga

We sell aerial dance circus lyra trapeze Cyr wheels, and more!

How are your trapezes made? 

We start with a 36" 1" steel pipe with a 1/4" wall. These bars are extremely rigid! Then we weld steel thimbles directly to the bar. The thimbles secure the cable core rope. The rope we use is 1" nylon with a steel cable running through the core. The cable is clamped with ferrules and then the rope is spliced together. Then we bind all this further with tape. The rope and thimbles are padded and then tapped again. 
We leave approximately a 6' length of rope on either side and use thimbles on the ends for strong connection points for your rigging. We then bind the cable and rope again just as we do with the welded thimbles. As above, so below. 


Should I rig single-point or a double-point?

Personal preference. A low flying single-point with a swivel rigging is wonderful to play around with. You can do a lot from the ground and then rise dramatically-- all while you having a range of motion that is unlike a double-point static trapeze. On the other hand, a static trapeze will allow more stability and tricks that aren't possible on a single-point. Many dancers prefer a single-point, while many gymnasts prefer a double-point. It's possible with our standard trapeze to play around with both. If you prefer the rope to all be one piece for a different style of rigging, please contact us and request that. We will work with you to create anything you desire!