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Circus is the New Yoga

We sell aerial dance circus lyra trapeze Cyr wheels, and more!

Coggs Circus, LLC

Coggs Circus is a family run business with a brand new member: Xyla Sophia! (She doesn't quite get the circus concept yet, but she is a natural contortionist!). Her older brother, Xavier, takes after his father-- he is a clown who is committed to making people laugh. We love our kids and young people are a driving force of why we love to be involved with the circus arts. 
The main founder, Charlie Coggs has been involved in various aspects of circus throughout his life. He has always been drawn to the intimately different: the side show, the underdog, the unusual... And he aims at running the business in a way that pays attention to detail the only way that a small business can. Prior to founding Coggs Circus, he ran a circus school and has been involved with performance/performers on a variety of levels. He understands the performers' obsession with quality gear-- one can only be as good as one's gear allows them to be. He also understands timing and sometimes a performer needs their gear yesterday. Whether it is an aerial lyra, Cyr wheel, aerial rig, or other gear, he aims to have the fastest turn around time possible while still maintaining a watchful eye on quality.
Charlie's wife, Marcie, is the eyes of the business. A circus star in her own right, she has the persistence that keeps the cogs (and Coggs) running smoothly. She is the mind behind all the intricacies of making sure you receive a piece of circus art that meets your expectations in a timely manner. All of this while being the most amazing mother to our wonderful daughter and son. 
We happen to adore antiquated ways. In a world filled with outsourced corporations dominating every thought, we appreciate small family run businesses. We hope you do, too. It means you receive immediate heart-felt customer service!
We also have a performance troop called Conunctio which you can see a short video of at the bottom of each page. If you live in the Southeast area of the US, we are always auditioning for extra members. Please contact us and let us know your interests. 
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We strive to make circus gear that is safe, creative, and saves you money. We look at making circus gear as an artistic medium. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. That is our guarantee.


We are constantly thinking of new ideas and love to tinker. If you have an idea you would like to see made manifest, contact us. If you can dream it, we will figure out how to make it.